What is Trapizzino?

00100 was born of passion.

A passion for good pizza and for good food. It's a combination of tradition, experimentation and innovation. The tradition of a good pizza and traditional Roman cuisine, which is passed down from our grandmothers to us; experimentation with simple and genuine flavors that amaze; innovation of the trapizzino, which is capable of achieving a daring and unusual fusion... between pizza and Roman cuisine.

00100 was born of an "intense combination" of all these ? "00", the type of flour used for the dough and "00100", Rome's postcode, which we have adopted as the "symbol" for Roman food traditions.
So Sforno's two partners, Stefano Callegari and Antonio Pratticò, along with Kabir Humayun, Sforno's pizza maker, and Gabriele Gatti, apprentice pizza maker, inspired by his wife who was a baker in Lyon (his father-in-law is a baker in Phnom Penh), got to talking after closing time at Sforno and decided to set up shop...

Our "philosophy" is as simple and easy as child's play. Eat and enjoy. Our continual experimentation is always guided by this thought. For us, creating this means achieving what we define a "normal" product, where normality is synonymous with the authenticity of "homemade" food cooked "for us", distinct flavors, clean taste, and its easy digestibility, without any contamination whatsoever.

Our dough is used for making pizzas as well as trapizzini and is the result of soft wheat flours, extra virgin olive oil from the Sabina area near Rome, salt, natural and a small percentage of beer yeast (0.2% of flour used) so as to make the dough a little springier...

Via Giovanni Branca 88 (Testaccio), open all days 11am - 11pm