00100Pizza in short

The history, custom and habits of the Romans dictate the tradition of filling a plain pizza. So why limit ourselves to just cold cuts, prosciutto and figs, and nutella?
Why not fill it with those classical dishes from Roman cuisine which have made it so unique in the culinary world?
Why not fill it with Roman braised oxtail? Meatballs with tomato sauce? Chicken alla cacciatore or with peppers, cuttlefish and peas, the extraordinary "picchiapò" (sautéed and spiced boiled meat), or even tripe, tongue with green sauce, "garofolato" (meat sauce with cloves), ?coratella? (lamb offal) with artichokes or onions?

Why give up such enjoyment?
Other "typical" food, such as the Lampredotto sandwich in Florence or the U panu cà meusa (bread roll with spleen) in Palermo, offers this opportunity.
Why should Rome with its rich array of typical dishes give up this opportunity? Of course, it couldn't. The "only" thing needed was to solve a small technical problem of how to eat it all without having the sauce spilling out from the pizza...

The inexhaustible genius of Stefano Gallegari, previously the creator of the unique and extraordinary pizzas at Sforno, such as Cacio e Pepe, Greenwich, Testarossa or Del Capo, cleverly thought up the idea that a corner of plain pizza cooked in a baking pan, having two closed sides, could be a great place to put something really tasty. At this point, only a little technical know-how was needed to transform a rectangular baking pan of plain pizza into many pizza triangles.

And so that is how Trapizzino® was born ? etymologically speaking, a sort of acronym made up from the words "tramezzino" (sandwich) and pizza; gastronomically speaking... endless enjoyment!!!

The Trapizzino® has given a boost to Roman cooking by adding an ?on the road? version. The "Normal" and "Small" versions, depending on how much you want to eat, allow you to taste from four to six or even seven different dishes from Roman cuisine (depending on the season and availability of the ingredients) in one go.